Here we go again..

Yeeeees i know i didn't blogged since 2 months, whooops ö .ö
i'm sorry but i was very lazy haha, i'll try to blog a little bit more even i have to do more stuff because of school

i've done some things during my summer vacation and i planned 3 posts but i think i'll just do 2 and one picture post (birthday post, ADAMS concert report (picture post) and one random post about stuff and so on)

Well okay, let's start with my birthday post!


On 22nd july was my birthday and i didn't wanted to celebrate it but my parents invited Shiro, Maikatchu and some other friends ' -'
i mean. i didn't wanted to celebrate it. but. they. just. invited. people. xD'
nevertheless i was happy about it haha :'D

hm yes we don't have done anything, we just ate cake and talked aaaaand yep.

and here you can see my birthday presents: A study in scarlet red (in german), Benedict Cumberbatch: An actor in transition (book), the first season of doctor who, headphones, a sketchbook and a special japanese pen....
yep. and from Shiro i got a Lego-Loki and the Star Trek Into Darkness book (whoops i forgot to take a photo) and a little birthday card with a very cute Johnlock picture *w*

and now dödödödö: one of the best birthday presents i ever got xD
a signed cheki of pinky !

i got it together with a very lovely letter from ReiRei >w< ♥
thank you again for it ; u ; ♥

it's my very first cheki of pinky (and PLUNKLOCK) even if i bought some other pinky chekis from Sabrina from PLK support germany some days ago, but the letter from ReiRei arrived first, so it is my first cheki of him ° u°)!

and now, my main present(?) xD i got from my parents:
the Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing Limited Edition :3

All in all. It was a very nice birthday with very awesome birthday presents!
Thank you very much for all the lovely birthday messages too! ♥


PLUNKLOCK in utrecht, 19.05.2013

hellouwww people

yeah i know, i wanted to blog about the concert a few weeks ago but i was too lazy to write all this stuff so i do it now, sorry :'3

On sunday we drove to the Netherlands to utrecht. first we drove to our guest house and i got ready for the concert (cosplay again, yeah). The we drove to the concert venue and waited there while talking to a few people who were in cologne too. Then had to left ReiRei cause i had a VIP ticket.
We went inside and got our signed poster from both bands and a Megaromania tour shirt from last year (wtf lol xD )
We had to wait a little and then both bands came and sat down to take the photos. 
When PLK saw me, they welcomed me with a "Hiii pinky!" again. (I have to say that there were space between Halo and Hibiki for the people but) Halo "asked" me to sit next to pinky and i "climbed" to him xD
When i sat next to him he glanced at me (maybe to look what i'm doing? x'D ) and he told me to put my finger on my nose and i did it. Than he glanced at me a second time and i set my finger on my nose like in the second photo and he did it too *U* ♥ 

after that i went to the stage and got a place in the second row. after 30 minutes or so (i can't remember how long) the others came in and after some time and PLUNKLOCK finally started.
I think the setlist was the same like in cologne but they played one or two more songs.
As they played FORWARD there were this smile in Halo's face again, i love most ; U ; ♥

While Noel Haruka cried a little bit (bebiii noo ;u;)
But after a song, Halo talked a little bit and while this i looked at Seishou and smiled at him and first he just stared at like "what do you want from me >__>" but then he smiled baack ^U^
((I think he should smile more cause the most time he is just "the cool guitarist" who isn't smiling. It suits him more when he smiles, i think))
Oh yes and while one song Halo patted our heads and it was just too cute >3<

After PLK Rei and i sat down behind all the people and just watched the concert.

best photo i took *U* ♥

After CQ were a handshake event too and i hugged all members and shaked their hands.
Oh god i miss them so much now ; - ;

We went back to our guest house and on the next day we went back to germany.
Yeah, that's it.

 my stuff i bought: 1 poster, photoset and 2 t-shirts

and the Jap-Ro poster i got with the signs