I got sherlocked/tagged

hiiii people \(^O^)/

time to write a new blogentry, I think.
Because of my new love: SHERLOCK ♥

I love this series so so fuckin much ♥  how can something be so perfect? Q w Q
Sherlock is perfect, John too. It's all so PERFECT ♥
and since Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch is my new favourite actor (I call him Mr. Benedict because.. mhm yes, he is Mr. Benedict, DON'T ASK XDD )

His voice is so super perfect and his lips and his eyes Q u Q ♥
and his cheekbones hrhr X'DD

So, please please watch Sherlock, you will not regret it ♥
(John is played from Martin Freeman (Bilbo (the Hobbit ) if you don't know him) ^O^

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Okay, the last few weeks, I got a lot of new stuff like a PLUNKLOCK-Flyer, an LM.C plec and more stuff for my Cosplay (but not all arrived yet)
So my Cosplay is almost finished. I just need vest and tie, but that make my mum for me ♥

Okay, last thing for today:
I got tagged from Yume~
(already a while ago, sorry, saw it not until a few days ago ^^'')

25 questions-tag:

1. Do you have any pets?

Yep, 4 gerbils (lol, funny word in english xD)  their names are Sebastian, Caine, Owen and Wilson (the last two names are derived from the actor Owen Wilson, he was my first favourite actor^^)

2. 3 things you see at the moment.

my Pinky-wig, 
my little "favorite-things-shrine" (where is my PLUNKLOCK and LM.C stuff)
and... my laptop XD

3. How is the weather?

it's... dark and.. cold O - O

4. Do you have a driving-license?

Nope and I don't need it

5.When you woke up today?


6. Last shower?


7. Last movie?

oh, I think it was Inkheart

8. Your latest text-message?

"awww, shame :)" because I don't wanna watch a movie with an zombie and an human and they fall in love or something, sorry >____>

9. Which ringtone do you have?

"wibbly wobbly, timey wimey" from doctor who ♥

10. Did you ever been to a foreigh country?

England, Austria and Denmark

11. Love sushi?

it's okay, but just sushi without fish~

12. Your favourite supermarket?

mhm.. Neo Tokyo, Japan store Berlin and Thalia (just japanese and book stores x'D)

13. Did you ever take some sleeping tablets?


14. How many siblings?


15. Computer or notebook?

laptop O w O

16. Which age will you reach on your next birthday?

16 ^-^

17. Glasses or lences?

I have glasses. mhm, yes, that's it xD

18. Dying your hair?

whished I can do it, but my parents didn't let me >___> 
but in(?) the 7th grade I had green wisps...

19. Any plans for today?

lern for school, tumblr and watching videos of Mr. Benedict ♥

20. When did you cry last time?

Monday I think, because of Sherlock Q w Q (C'mon I want the 3rd season U - U )

21. Best pizza covering?

normal pizza(?)

22. Hamburger or cheeseburger?


23. Did you had an allnighter?

ewww, don't understand the question o - o;

24. Eyecolor?


25. Can you Cola and Pepsi tell apart from each other?

don't drink it, it's disgusting = A =


-Tell your follower who tagged you
-Answer the questions
-Tag 6 other blogs (sorry, I haven't so much so I don't tag one > 3 > )
-Tell them that they got tagged  (hahaha) 

okay, that's it,
bye ♥


the blue demon and his cat~

hellouw people again ♥

today I show you, what arrived yesterday at my home.

Heute zeige ich euch, was gestern bei mir angekommen ist.

Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Yeah, don't know what to say about it, its just ASDFGHJKLAJHsajsivrknejnrdfuibkrhnktf fucking awesome XD

Ya, Ich weiß nicht, was ich dazu noch sagen soll, es ist einfach ASDFGHJKLAJHsajsivrknejnrdfuibkrhnktf verdammt geil XD

 blue flame ♥

blaue Flammen ♥

last: Kuro *-* little cute cat

zu letzt: Kuro *-* kleine süße Katze
And now I think, I wanna buy Yukio too. Yes I can't let Rin alone, he should don't do stupid things :3
Und ich denke, ich hole mir Yukio auch noch. Rin soll keine dummen Sachen machen :3

Okay, bye people x3


from a blue demon, the doctor and the TARDIS and more stuff

Helloouw people ♥

now, I wanna show you a few things I got and talk to you a little bit ^.~

jetzt möchte ich euch ein paar Sachen zeigen, die ich bekommen habe ^.~

mhm.. first.
Two weeks ago there were holidays and I was with my parents in Berchtesgaden, near munich. But there was nothing really interesting to say, just the day I spent in munich. My dad and I were in the Neo Tokyo and I bought my first japanese magazines ^^''

mhm.. erstens.
Vor 2 Wochen waren ja Ferien und ich war mit meinen Eltern in Berchtesgaden, in der Nähe von München. Aber es gibt nichts wirklich interessantes zu erzählen, nur der Tag in München war interessant. Ich war mit meinem Vater bei Neo Tokyo und da habe ich meine ersten "richtigen" japanischen Zeitungen gekauft ^^''   

aaaand I got 2 new CD's:
1. from the german band "Ich kann fliegen" (engl.: I can fly xDD) and yes, I really really love this band, I like the lyrics and the sound and.. yes *U* but I don't like, that they just tour through the north-west (and maybe the south? I don't know xD) but not Berlin DD: Damn, I don't like it, I wanna see them live °-°

uuuund ich habe 2 neue CD's bekommen/gekauft:
1. von der deutschen Band "Ich kann fliegen" und ja, ich mag sie wirklich wirklich gerne, ich mag die Songtexte, die Musik und.. ja *U* aber ich find's nicht toll, dass sie nur durch Norden - Westen (auch Süden? Ich weiß es nicht xD) touren aber nicht mal nach Berlin kommen DD: Verdammt, ich möchte sie live sehen °-°

2. "The Rust" from DALATH ♥___♥ One of my favourite bands too. I can't really describe, why I love DALATH. Yes of course, I love their music, but.. there is one other thing, why I love them, but I can't say what it is..

2. "The Rust" von DALATH ♥___♥ Auch eine meiner Lieblingsbands. Ich kann es nicht richtig beschreiben, warum ich DALATH so mag. Ja, natürlich liebe ich ihre Musik, aber.. da ist noch etwas anderes, warum ich sie mag, aber ich kann nciht sagen, was es ist..

okay and for now, the last one (I can't really concentrate anymore)
Doctor Who. ASDFGhjklasdgjhvfskgrehkKHGDbhjdcs I fucking love this series *Q* ♥♥♥♥
Can't describe it. It's just love *_______* I mean: the doctor (look at him!) and the TARDIS! JUST AWESOME ♥
So I got the handbook from the TARDIS ^.~

okay und nun, die letzte Sache für heute (Ich kann mich gar nicht mehr richtig konzentrieren)
Doctor Who.  ASDFGhjklasdgjhvfskgrehkKHGDbhjdcs Ich liebe diese Serie verdammt nochmal *Q* ♥♥♥♥ Ich kann es nicht beschreiben. Ich liebe es einfach *______* Ich meine: der doctor (schaut ihn euch an!) und die TARDIS! EINFACH NUR TOLL ♥ 

Und ich hab das "Handbuch" von der TARDIS bekommen ^.~

okay, that's it. But just a last thing:
tomorrow I show you more about THIS:

okay, das war's. Aber noch eine letzte Sache:
morgen werde ich euch mehr von DEM HIER zeigen: 

 I think you know what it is, or better: who is he ^-^

Ich denke ihr wisst was es ist, oder besser: wer er ist ^-^

See ya tomorrow ♥


english or german?

Hellouw people 

I don't really know: Should I write in english or not? argh, I don't knooooow, I can write in german AND english but...
Help me people!
*can't decide*

There, on the left side is a little survey, please answer and help O A O

Ich weiß nicht richtig: soll ich in englisch weiter schreiben oder nicht? 
*kann mich nicht entscheiden*
Auf der rechten Seite ist eine kleine Umfrage, bitte beantwortet sie O A O