PLUNKLOCK in utrecht, 19.05.2013

hellouwww people

yeah i know, i wanted to blog about the concert a few weeks ago but i was too lazy to write all this stuff so i do it now, sorry :'3

On sunday we drove to the Netherlands to utrecht. first we drove to our guest house and i got ready for the concert (cosplay again, yeah). The we drove to the concert venue and waited there while talking to a few people who were in cologne too. Then had to left ReiRei cause i had a VIP ticket.
We went inside and got our signed poster from both bands and a Megaromania tour shirt from last year (wtf lol xD )
We had to wait a little and then both bands came and sat down to take the photos. 
When PLK saw me, they welcomed me with a "Hiii pinky!" again. (I have to say that there were space between Halo and Hibiki for the people but) Halo "asked" me to sit next to pinky and i "climbed" to him xD
When i sat next to him he glanced at me (maybe to look what i'm doing? x'D ) and he told me to put my finger on my nose and i did it. Than he glanced at me a second time and i set my finger on my nose like in the second photo and he did it too *U* ♥ 

after that i went to the stage and got a place in the second row. after 30 minutes or so (i can't remember how long) the others came in and after some time and PLUNKLOCK finally started.
I think the setlist was the same like in cologne but they played one or two more songs.
As they played FORWARD there were this smile in Halo's face again, i love most ; U ; ♥

While Noel Haruka cried a little bit (bebiii noo ;u;)
But after a song, Halo talked a little bit and while this i looked at Seishou and smiled at him and first he just stared at like "what do you want from me >__>" but then he smiled baack ^U^
((I think he should smile more cause the most time he is just "the cool guitarist" who isn't smiling. It suits him more when he smiles, i think))
Oh yes and while one song Halo patted our heads and it was just too cute >3<

After PLK Rei and i sat down behind all the people and just watched the concert.

best photo i took *U* ♥

After CQ were a handshake event too and i hugged all members and shaked their hands.
Oh god i miss them so much now ; - ;

We went back to our guest house and on the next day we went back to germany.
Yeah, that's it.

 my stuff i bought: 1 poster, photoset and 2 t-shirts

and the Jap-Ro poster i got with the signs

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